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Contributed papers are solicited describing original works in smart city and green energy and related technologies. Topics and technical areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:

1. Smart City Planning and Design

  • image Urban Sustainable Development Planning
  • image Smart City Infrastructure Design
  • image Urban Spatial Planning and Management
  • image Smart City Communication and Networking
  • image Smart City Safety and Surveillance
  • image Smart City Services and Management
  • image Urban Integrated Energy System

2. Smart Transportation and Logistics Management

  • image Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • image Logistics Information Technology
  • image Smart Transportation Management and Control
  • image Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience in Smart Cities
  • image Sustainable Energy Sources and Management in Smart Cities
  • image Electric Vehicle Charging Facility Planning

3. Green Building and Smart District

  • image Passive House Building Standards
  • image Green Building Materials and Technology
  • image Building Energy Efficiency and Management
  • image Net-zero Carbon Building
  • image Smart District Integrated Energy System

4. Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis

  • image Air Quality Monitoring and Management
  • image Water Resource Monitoring and Protection
  • image Environmental Big Data Analysis and Applications
  • image IoT Enabled Energy Systems

5. Smart Grid and Smart Energy Systems

  • image Smart Grid Technology and Applications
  • image Energy Data Analysis and Management
  • image Smart Grid Security and Reliability
  • image Grid Planning, Operation and Management
  • image Low-carbon Smart Grid Transformation
  • image Applications and Challenges of Computer Vision in Smart Grid and Energy Systems
  • image Computational Intelligence, Big Data, ICT and Blockchain Applications in Smart Grids
  • image Coordinated Operation, Control and Cyber-physical Security of Smart Grid
  • image Grid Resiliency, Security, Reliability, Stability and Protection
  • image Microgrids, Standalone Power Systems and Virtual Power Plants

6. Renewable Energy Generation and Storage Technologies

  • image Renewable Energy Generation Technology
  • image Energy Storage Technology
  • image Integration and Management of Renewable Energy Generation
  • image Energy Conservation and Efficiency

7. Electricity and Carbon Emission Markets, Innovative Business Mechanism, Policy/Regulatory Aspects

  • image Electricity and Energy Policy/Regulatory Issues
  • image Electricity Market and Carbon Emission Market
  • image Innovative Business Mechanism in Different Kinds of Electricity and Carbon Emission Markets